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About BPC Work Club

BPC Work Club supports unemployed people by providing them with a place to meet, exchange skills, share experiences, find opportunities, make contacts and support each other. The Work Club meets every Monday, Thursday and Friday between 10am and 1pm.

Members learn how to apply for jobs online, set up their own business and address any barriers they may have. Capacity building programmes include Job Journey Planning, Mock Interviews, Career Talks, CV Workshops, IT Skills Workshop  Click here for further details.

Please click the image to the right for our latest leaflet (PDF)

Please click the image on the far right for our Free Skills Building Programme (PDF)

Universal Credit

Having trouble applying for Universal Credit? Call 01788 553033 to make an appointment - we can help with your application.

Work Club Leaflet

Free Skills Programme

Work Club Testimonies    

Marc Thurkettle showing his appreciation for the Work Club to Gita Natarajan, Project Leader.

Marc's Testimony

Robi Jugganadum has become a hard-working volunteer at the Benn Partnership Centre with the support of the Work Club.

Robi's Testimony

Key Reasons for Success - Job Journey Planning (JJP) and Partnership Working

Job Journey Planning
Job Journey Planning (JJP), a tool that underpins the Work Club program has been key to the success of the Work Club program. JJP is a framework created for each Work Club member. It takes into account their background, knowledge, skills, qualifications, barriers and aspirations and matches it with opportunities available at the moment in relation to jobs, learning and volunteering. Some of the social outcomes that JJP has managed to achieve are listed below:

*  Increase in self-confidence
*  Ability to identify the need to shift careers
*  Feeling secure about steering career paths into unknown territories
*  Ability to shed the fear of learning and embrace learning.
*  Feeling of assurance that for every corner, there is a willing hand to grasp on to.
*  Increased willingness to volunteer and/or to help others in their needs

Partnership Working
Partnership working is an equally important contributor to the success of the project. Partners have been willing to work with the BPC Work Club to tweak their programs to match the critical needs of the Work Club members. The seamless partnership working between BPC and providers such as ACL, local tutors, skilled volunteers, Henley College and others enables quality/learner-centered education to be accessed in a non-intimidating environment.

Statistical information
* 384 members registered since Aug 2011
* Residents from over 302 postcodes around Rugby access the Work Club
* Over 47% of registrants reside in social housing located in identified/deprived postcodes.
* average unemployment 1.5 years at registration
* 26% ie. 99 returned to permanent work as compared to a 5% average return to employment ratio nationally.
* 8 skilled mentors offering 1:1 mentoring
* 89 have benefited from the Confidence Building and other non-accredited courses delivered in partnership with ACL
* 12 Work Club members are working towards their Functional Maths  - Level 2
* 24 have overcome or in the process of overcoming debts and homelessness

Mock Interviews

* Assess candidate’s interview readiness against benchmark

* Create a job specification based on individual preferences for employment
* Invite professionals to link into the interview panel – employers and skilled volunteers
* 30 minute interview followed by a 15 minute feedback

Learning to live on a budget

Planning Money Management programmes help with debts, mortgage problems and those trapped in unsuitable housing or businesses on the brink of bankruptcy.

Tackling health impacts of unemployment

Planning In partnership with other organisations and individual professionals, negative health impacts are managed for those who have been made redundant, or are suffering other effects of recession.

Programme of activities and events for the Work Club

The Work Club will remain open as scheduled between 10 am and 1 pm on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Various activities and learning programmes are in the process of being finalised and will be uploaded as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, please do not hesitate to contact Gita Natarajan on 01788 553033 or at info@bennpartnership.org.uk

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