Beyond Brexit, the flagship project of the Benn Partnership Centre, funded by Rugby Benevolent Fund is completed its first year in operation on 31st July 2018. With 517 individuals supported during this period and with over 6204 contacts being serviced over the year, the project has been a resounding success.

Sector based skills for the Security Industry, Construction industry and for the retail sector have been hugely successful, with over 60 learners having achieved Level 2 qualification. What makes this achievement laudable is that the learners involved had monumental barriers to contend with, including inability to produce an personal identification, still being under probation, not being in a fixed abode, digital illiteracy and mental health issues. The Beyond Brexit project role in resolves such issues amount to dedicating an average of 8 hours’ time per learner.

In partnership with Clarion Housing and POAL, about £3000 worth of learning per individual has been negotiated to be offered either as online lessons, paper-based or classroom based programmes. These diverse learning options are designed to engage with the learners in ways that best suits their learning styles, so that the positive learning outcomes are achieved as a result.

The project has filled gaps in services in respect of supporting homelessness, querying and resolving discrepancies in Universal Credit payments, addressing redundancies among the over 50s, supporting people who have been in long-term unemployment to enable them to learn new skills and progress towards social engagement, volunteering or employment as is appropriate.